A Bunch of Free Sound Assets

A Bunch of Free Sound Assets

There's no debate that sound effects and music gives your game an extra dimension but finding good audio can be a frustrating task.

That's why we compilred this list of some free to use, high quality sound assets.

Most of the sounds are licensed under Creative Commons so make sure you double check the license and adhere to it by attributing the creator in your game.

Timothy McHugh here from Sonniss has been releasing sound packs to celebrate GDC. His latest pack contains over 20 gigabyts of sounds.


JayMan has made and uploaded hundreds of music pieces to his Youtube channel "OurMusicBox" which he allows anyone to use for free.


A part from a lot of art assets, kenny.nl has released a voice over pack with some common lines.


Cyael Dobsons has also recorded a bunch of common voice over lines and shared it in his voice over pack.